Vintage Fiestaware

The Vintage Disease: it’s slowly spreading through my cupboards…

Hello. My name is Michelle and I’m a thrifter.

I hereby confess that I love picking through old, discarded items. I’ve been collecting cool finds from the curb, the reuse centre and other odd places my whole life. Sometimes I even discover lost treasures in my own basement! It’s amazing what you can find that was dated and worthless a few years ago, but all of a sudden is back in style.

I love learning the history of what I’ve dug up and it’s always a thrill when I can rescue something from the landfill (the horror!) or the curb and re-discover its worth. In this blog I hope to share some of the history and value (not just monetary) of these found items in hopes of creating a little vintage appreciation for what once was. It’s an Old Things Appreciation Society.

The more we know, the more we appreciate.

When I’m not digging up cool finds, I’m a freelance copywriter, graphic designer and web designer. You can find my official website at

Then there is my line of Serious Sparrow greeting cards available for purchase on Etsy: