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Month February 2015

Vintage Descoware Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cool Find: This cool find is my vintage Descoware enameled cast iron pot with lid. It’s the pot that started the obsession and changed the way I cook. I fell hard for this bit of cookware manna from heaven, spending… Continue Reading →

Silver Fade Wine Glasses and Caddy

Cool Find: A set of six MCM silver fade wine glasses with a heart-adorned chrome caddy. This shiny, never used set was passed on to me by a friend of my mother’s. They were a wedding gift she never used that she thought… Continue Reading →

Melamine and Melmac Mugs Made in Canada

Cool Find: I found this “pair” of melamine Mid-Century Modern mugs together at a reuse centre and paid a grand total of nothing! That’s how much I knew about melamine dishes at the time, too. I put ‘pair’ in quotation marks because, though these two mugs… Continue Reading →

Russell Woodard Spun Fiberglass Settee

Cool Find: Vintage MCM Russell Woodard Spun Fibreglass Settee. This was a fantastic curb-side find and it wasn’t even until many months later that I stumbled upon the same design online and realized what I had. Until that day I… Continue Reading →

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